Biological Cultivation

Olives, Orchard and Gardening

Olei culture

On the property there are approx. 150 olive trees existing in a well taken care of olive grove with neighboring trees. Through pressing the olive you win high quality oil. Never, in the last 30 years, were the olive trees exposed to chemical fertilizers of any kind. The trees were taken care of and pruned. The olives were always harvested by hand, which, in the long run, improved the structure of the tree plus improved the quality of the oil. The pressing of the olives is done by a nearby mill, especially chosen under strict ecological criteria. The Palombella Bio Olive oil has premium quality.


From the beginning the multitude of timber- and fruit trees were purely organically fertilized.

The expansion of the orchard is always possible. This alone rests on the decision how the land will further be cultivated in the future. One could also intensify the vineyard - commonly done by farmers in the region. Plus there is the principle of permaculture here which will be further discussed under Farming.

On the whole compound there are, along with the olive grove, timber- and ornamental trees:

15 Apple trees          10 Plum trees            4 Sour Cherry trees

5   Fig trees               1 Quince tree           1 Sweet Cherry tree

1   Peach tree            1 Pomegranate tree   1 Almond tree

2 Walnut trees           2 Cypress trees         2 Pine trees

1 Holm Oak               3 Wine Galleries        an ornamental pond surrounded by bamboo



The vegetable garden was set under ecological principles, including the growing of tomatoes in the greenhouse. Great value was taken in mulching. No chemical product has ever gained entry into the garden. There is plenty of space for more greenhouses.

In this region you will find everything grows. It grows rapidly and strong :

all types of tomatoes, zucchinis, cucumber, egg plants, pumpkins, silver beet, capsicum, many different herbs and always salads. Basically everything we, from the northern hemisphere, know of and like to eat.


  • all sorts of gardening tools
  • Olive baskets - enough for the complete harvest
  • Stainless steel oil drums
  • Wine press (see picture under the section Farming)
  • Spinning wheel
  • Aluminum tubs for varying usage (making cheese, preserving, colouring)