History of Palombella

1985 the current owner bought this property.

The Farm, with its surrounding land, was owned by the Marchese Misciatelli - based in Castello - a short distance of the village of Montegiove. With the previous owners, who left the farm in 1984, a Mezzadria contract was made...this being a contract that reaches far into the Middle Ages where the farmer, who does not own the property, can live and work there for free and in return has to give 1/2 of his yield to the grand duke.

Due to economic reasons the Duke sold many of the neighbouring farms of this more than 100 hectare land.

After having purchased the Farm renovations were done on the main house and stalls, taking into consideration the ancient way of building and keeping to the 200 year old plans. Cows and goats were added. The fields of grass became a source of food for the animals, a grove of Olivetrees was cultivated, expanded and made profitable. Fruit orchards and a vineyard were planted.

A timber forest was grown and the goats kept the forest free of unnecessary underbrush. Out of the won goat milk the popular Palombella Goatcheese was made, which with the raw cow milk, cheese became the specialty of the Farm.

Soon the stalls could be completely renovated and a big barn with room for cows and horses be built. Here a small Summerapartement with a small kitchen and storage rooms were added.

With the renovations of the new building and putting 2 new holiday apartements in it, plus achieving the title "Agriturismo" and being recognized as a licensed farm, Palombella could be marketed as a "Holiday on the Farm".

On top of all this the Farm was also used for teaching and intensive therapeutic mentoring in learning with experience. This included a boat carpentry section and a blacksmith shop as well as a Therapy-Group-Room.

This 30 year history can keep going. Picking up the present and continuing from there or starting over with new ideas.