Infrastructure - Autarky

At Palombella autarky or self-sufficiency means independence from basic materials/greige goods that, if not available on the property at present, can always be grown on it. Naturally this cannot be 100% covered but one can always improve the supply in this area. The solar collectors could develop electricity for the charging of batteries for electric cars. Or there could be ideas put into action where the night-electric-supply gets optimized in that for example during the day the electricity pumps water in a header tank that then lets the water flow out at night causing turbines to run. The greenhouse could then be heated earlier on in the year and plants grown ahead of time or used for growing fresh vegetables in the winter. With the help of the existing self-sufficient facility an expansion and improvement of the plot can easily be reached.

Water supply:

There are three private springs and a deep well that give off enough water for the farming and daily personal use (even when there are groups of people living here). The water gets pumped into the supplying pipes with the help of a housewater pressure pump as well as from the well pump, reaching taps in all buildings. There is always water, even in the dry seasons. It is possible to install an automatic watering system. There is never shortage of water as none of the springs have ever dried up.

Sewage-/Waste water disposal:

There is a biological and certified waste water treatment plant (biological purification plant) independent of the surrounding communities and without any charges.

Source of Energy:

14,5 KW photovoltaic site making daily energy available for free plus cheap electricity the rest of the time.


Heating is seasonally secure through the ever growing of wood (3 hectares of forest). In the auxiliary building is a gasifier boiler for wood heating with a central buffer storage. A combination of heating mechanisms are available when needed:

Hot water solar system, Kitchen oven with a heating element, Fireplace with a heating element.

On top of that there are 2 Wintergardens' as sources for passive heating of the adjoining rooms.

There exists a possibility to drill deep into the ground and obtain and use the mountain heat plus the possibility of laying out special elements in the ground to get the earths natural warmth. Your self-sufficiency could be expanded in this area.

Access Road:

From the property boundary there is an existing road that can also be used by heavy vehicles.

Food provision:

There is food/nourishment available for the animals: grasslands and storage for hay.

Food production through agricultural output comes from the garden, the orchard and olive grove as well as produce from animals.

Natural and Biological Construction:

Biological building fabric and renovations done for the most part according to the biological principles and in keeping the existing building fabric.

Earthquake safe agricultural buildings, metal free cork insulated roof on the main building.

Retention of the historical roofing tiles, also put on cork.

Multifunctional room with clay-wall-heating and European larch floorboards.

Mini basin with a saline purification plant plus a natural ecologic swimming pond.