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Palombella is a wonderful place lying in the vicinity of the small and picturesque mountain village of Montegiove with a Castello from the early 13th century. You have a breathtaking view over vast hill ranges to Assisi and the Sybelline Mountain Ranges of the Abruzzen.

The locals are very open and friendly. Helping and being there for each other is normal for this region.

The name of the place comes from the roman god, Jupiter, who stood for the principle of trust.

That sais it all!

Palombella is situated on the east side on a flank of a hill, opposite Montegiove (see picture) and is surrounded by 15 hectares of land with forests, grass plains and an olive grove. As a result to its geographical positioning, a hot summer day turns into a cool evening.

The Farm lies reclusively on its own, but is surrounded by farming lands, villages and other farms. Neighbours are not in close vicinity, yet not too far away for contact to develop. Within proximity people of various nations have become attracted to this landscape and have settled down here. There are, for examples, Danes, Dutch, English, Germans, Austrians, Swiss, Spaniards, Australians and Americans living here.

Map Umbrien - Azienda Agricola Palombella

Palombella lies away from the mass tourism route, yet still there are small touristic gems that attract visitors from far and wide. The cloister "La Scarzuola" for example, once started by Franz of Assisi, with the "Citta ideale di Buzzi" (built by the architect Tomaso Buzzi from Milan) are a vocal point for art- and politically interested tourists.

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